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We have been using honey to make us feel better for at least 6,000 years – and not just because it tastes good. This golden elixir has been used from the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans onwards, to treat ailments such as stomach ulcers and skin wounds.

Modern medicine is more and more interested in this extraordinary bee product because it has very useful properties that can not be found in any other product. One example here is the superiority of honey when compared with antibiotics, especially in the treatment of chronic wounds.


Honey Detox Massage

The honey detox massage is one of the wonderful ways to use honey to detox, tonify or relax somebody.

All you need is a good, raw, unfiltered, natural honey with a lower content in water (ideally under 18%). There are five types of movements that are made, in a certain order, to get out the fats from the skin, in a spectacular manner, usually in less than 10-15 minutes.

Learn more through the following video, to have an idea on this simple to use, but very efficient healing method.

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