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Due to their complex composition, rich in both high-quality nutrients and protective substances, beehive products are extremely useful in the prevention and treatment of many brain diseases.

In short, honey ensures very clean energy, propolis protects it against many biological, biochemical and physical aggressors, royal jelly helps the creation of new neural stem cells, bee pollen helps the brain regeneration, memory and functioning, bee venom (in well chosen dose) helps to get a very good blood flow in the brain and all other neurological structures and also in the creation of various neuro-hormones like the endorphins.

Beehive products and Brain related bibliography:

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Flavanols like quercetin and kaempferol (also present in honeydew honey, pollen and especially propolis), can protect our memory, our brain.

Here below we includes all related information on Api-Neurology bibliography and relevant beehive products:


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