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N-Chromosome Jelly (Royal Jelly Extract)


Nchromosome Jelly (Royal Jelly Extract) is created from the contents found within the cells of drone larvae, and will so be seen because of the male reminiscent of royal jelly! 

This product is obtained from the whole content of 7-8 days-old drone larvae comb cells.

These comb cells contain:

  • Drone larvae (6-7 days old)

  • Specific nutrients for these larvae (larval food, honey, bee bread)

  • Traces of propolis, etc.

From this “composition” we can conclude that N-chromosome Jelly (Royal Jelly Extract)can be referred to as the “male” side of royal jelly.


What Is N-Chromosome Jelly (Royal Jelly Extract)?

Within the drone cell is the jelly, pollen, bee brood, water and honey found in the cell of the male larvae; however, whereas 3% of the contents of the cell are common larva food, 97% is the body of the drone larvae that homes over 10,000,000 sperm.

On the seventh day of the larval development, it reaches its full potential, achieving the very best variety of sexual cells, and thus has the most quantity of energy. Chemically, the protein-rich composition is high in vitamins minerals; for example, apilarnil contains haemolymph, that is far richer in nutrients than the human blood.


It conjointly contains hormones, significantly steroid hormones.While this product was launched on the market virtually forty years agone in 1980, it hasn’t received an equivalent quality as royal jelly, despite its phenomenal-sounding health benefits. Accessible most typically in an exceedingly powder kind or mixed in to honey in a paste, it has to be unbroken frozen to make sure the substance remains active. consistent with some apitherapists, apilarnil will assist a large array of ailments in men, ladies and children. In men, this substance is seen to assist organic and psychic sterility, male climacteric and sexual desire problems. In women, it's seen to assist discharge syndrome, hormonalproblems and stress-related body pain. additional generally, apilarnil is seen to to help metastasis viruses, incontinency (involuntary urination) and infertility. 


Searching for Differences in Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Crude Drone Brood and Royal Jelly Useful for Their Authentication
Ewelina Sidor, Michał Miłek, Grzegorz Zaguła, Aleksandra Bocian, and Małgorzata Dżugan
DOI: 10.3390/foods10092233


Lavinia-Ioana Bărnuţiu1, L.Al. Mărghitaş1, D. Dezmirean, Otilia Bobiş, Cristina Mihai, Crenguţa Pavel

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