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 Group of Companies

ApiWell is the parent of a group of Canadian-owned sister companies:

Canada Apiary Society, Caspian Apiaries, Vancouver Honey, City Beekeeping, and HoneyBell Agri-products & Transport.


About ApiWell 

How It All Started

From beehives to honeycombs, we are enchanted by the world of honey bees. Starting out in 1832, where we established our first beehive in Kushk Sara region, Chaloos area-Iran. we slowly grew into what we are today: a thriving business, serving the entire community.  What began with a few bee colonies soon turned into a successful business with dozens of beehives producing a unique line of quality products.

ApiWell Group of Companies is a passionate team who are dedicated to producing high-quality, all-natural medicinal grade honey products by taking a holistic approach to apiculture in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way. 

Since we launched our business, we’ve stayed true to our motto: “Best quality honey from CITY.” In addition to staying local, we also focus on keeping our work sustainable and fair, because we know that happy and healthy bees lead to great products for our customers.

Check out our unique products, learn about our programs or simply book a tour today!


Want a unique and educational experience, unlike anything you’ve done before? ApiWell group takes adults and kids into the heart of a beehive! Thousands of buzzing bees fly around you as we explain how these tiny, yet powerful creatures work and live.

Take a virtual hive tour!

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Caspian Apiaries Brand Essence

Caspian Apiaries
Caspian Apiaries Brand Essence
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Caspian Apiaries Brand Essence

Caspian Apiaries Brand Essence

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Caspian Apiaries | Honey Produce

Caspian Apiaries | Honey Produce

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Caspian Apiaries | Pollination

Caspian Apiaries | Pollination

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